Registration opens April 15th at 10am for May 22nd Session

Call to register for classes beginning April 10th!




1-Time Clay Class

Open for ongoing registration- Please call us at

(415) 416-6475 for information and registration. 

Refund & Cancellation Policy:

  • Class fees are non-transferrable and non-refundable.
  • Switching classes after initial registration requires notice TWO WEEKS before class begins, as well as a $20 accounting fee. 
  • Refunds may be granted 2 weeks prior to class starting, under the following circumstances:
    • Personal illness that prevents the student from working with clay or at the studio. A physician’s note may be required as proof.
    • Instances of extreme, unexpected hardship. Examples include death or serious illness of someone close. These kind of exceptions are granted at the manager’s discretion, and do not include changes in priorities, job, or vacation plans.



Make Up Policy:


  • In the event of missed classes, students are welcome to attend other classes during the session to observe demonstrations they may have missed. As our classes are often full, we can NOT guarantee wheel space during class times. Students registered for the class will have priority on the equipment during their scheduled class time.
  • Student Open Studio Hours: Monday-Thursday 10AM-6PM, Friday-Sunday 10AM-9PM.
  • Current students are always welcome to use the studio during Student Open Studio Hours: Monday - Thursday 10am-6pm, Friday-Sunday10am-9pm. We recommend making use of this time to practice any skills or make up any working time you may have missed during class absences.