In-studio members have access to workspaces, equipment/tools, glazes, unlimited firing (done by our staff), and a vibrant community for independent artists who wish to have consistent access and a dedicated workspace.  Our studio is the largest on the west coast, equipped with pottery wheels, a collection of communal glazes that we're constantly adding to, underglazes, colored slips, stains, + more.


No two members are quite alike!  We ask that you have a ceramics background or previous experience taking classes so you'll be able to create without direct supervision or instruction.  Plus, as a member, if you like instruction too you'll get discounts on classes!


In-studio membership includes:

  • Unlimited open studio use 7 days/week 10 AM-9 PM
  • Large, permanent shelf space to store all your tools and work
  • Dedicated members-only wheel & table work stations
  • Unlimited Free Glazes
  • Unlimited Free Firing*
  • Priority enrollment access for classes and workshops
    • 48 Hour Early Enrollment for each class session
    • Special Members-Only discount for Intermediate & Advanced Classes
    • 1 Free workshop per calendar year**
  • Craft Fair enrollment fees waived

Select your start date! Within a few minutes of registering for your membership we will send you an email with info.  About two weeks before your membership begins we will send you online paperwork and orientation information.  Come clay with us!


*size & quantity may be limited due to production / firing capacity, but we will never charge you extra fees for firing, however Clay must be purchased from CBTB to ensure it is the correct firing temperature and won't ruin other members' pieces and/or our kilns


**must be actively-enrolled member during the workshop for which you attend