Clay Workshops


Enjoy a unique demonstration and hands-on workshop, from a local or visiting artist.  


Katie Marks



 2-Day Hands-On Workshop!  


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Disclaimer: Content for this workshop is Intermediate/Advanced: Demonstrations will cover how to make a pipe on the wheel- basic wheel throwing skills are recommended.

 (This workshop is for adults only)


Didem Mert


 2-Day Hands-On Workshop!


  Mert will demonstrate using soft slabs within bisque slump molds to create her signature ovaled bowl forms. She will apply terra sigillata and AMACO Velvet Underglaze on the bowl to create a sense of playfulness directed through the color palette, while retaining a minimalistic design. 

Read more about Didem here: http://www.didemmert.com 


 2 -Day workshop from 11am-4pm






Kevin Kowalski



Hands-On Workshop!








Justin Rothshank


 2-Day Hands-On Workshop!



 2 -Day workshop from 11am-4pm





 Make Candles!  



Create soy candles by hand! Melt wax and mix in organic scented oils and herbs to your taste and design.  Then pour the wax into handmade ceramic pieces. The perfect gift or addition to your home! 










Create with brightly colored clay bodies! 



• Team Building Workshops


• Birthday Parties


• Group Celebrations


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$85/person for a 2hr lesson