Community Outreach

Clay By The Bay believes supporting our community goes beyond just pottery & clay.  We partner with local organizations & families to find ways to lift up those in need. Each month, Clay By The Bay focuses on a specific group, family, or community and below you will find the results of our monthly outreach. 

January 2022

In January, Clay By the Bay connected with a single father of 3 living on Treasure Island. This father had not only recently lost his job due to the pandemic but him and his entire family were struggling to recover from covid 19 which was impacting them mentally and preventing them from also going to school. 



A struggling father, reached out to the YMCA, one of the few organizations offering programming to the community, for assistance and was then connected with Clay By the Bays Community Outreach Coordinator. When meeting with the father, it was clear that him and his family were experiencing food scarcity due to lack of work. As well as his kids needed some warm clothing for when they were able to travel back to school in this unpredictable San Francisco weather. 


Jumping into action CBTB Community Outreach Coordinator jumped into action. The Coordinator was able to secure some food gift cards valued @ $500 dollars so that they can get some food in the fridge. Worked with the father to understand sized for his children and not only purchased warm winter coats for his children, but also a new pair of shoes for each of them. 

In doing so, the father expressed how he didn’t know how he would make it thought the month without this support and even teared up a bit. One of his children was so excited and yelled “this is my first pair of Air Force 1’s, lets goooooo” 

Although it is no where near what that family would need to continue to navigate the impacts of the pandemic, it was a good start to their year and Clay By the Bay was happy to be the first stepping stool for them. 


February 2022

Outreach for the month of February supported a Bay Area Organization by the name of Rob Skate Academy. 


Robert A. Ferguson raised in both Hayward & Castro Valley, Ca attended both public and private schools graduating from Bonita Vista High in San Diego, Ca. Mr. Ferguson then pursued his college education at San Francisco State University studying economics before venturing out and creating many great organizations such as but not limited to: The Rob Skate Academy, Lets Chalk, 4141Corp., Cali Am Jam and many more which all are for the community.


Mr. Ferguson’s vision with the continuing economic spiral and the rising costs associated with youth activities is to provide young children and teens with activities and sustainable programming for free or at an affordable price as well as incorporating mentorship and community empowerment. He has dedicated the past years of his life to making that a reality, helping those with less fortune to have equal opportunities as others.

Over the course of Mr. Ferguson’s journey, he found himself deeply impacted particularly while holding safe spaces for young men and discovered a huge void and hyper masculinity that’s instilled in many of the young men he worked with. Newly added to his vision for clean community parks with a range of affordable or free programs is to provide mindfulness and social emotional awareness throughout communities.


On that journey he became a young influential role model that many individuals (especially teens) gravitated towards whether they realized. With his charisma and open armed approach Mr. Ferguson has successfully changed environments for the better, classrooms to large city public areas.


Understanding his efforts and goals, Clay By The Bay was ecstatic to support the Rob Skate Academy in his efforts to support many under privileged Bay Area Communities. 

March 2022

With inflation continuing to skyrocket and wars around the world families continue to struggle to survive. This month Clay By the Bay was able to support a small family of 3 to get settled in the as they just arrived in the county. This single mother of 2 arrived in San Francisco on March 4th in hopes to build a new life for her and her two sons. Struggling with food, gas, and living in a shelter, Clay By the Bay was able to not only connect the family to an abundance of resources but also provide them with the gas cards as they navigate the city and food cards to help them get on their feet. 


The mother, so touched by the amount of support she has been receiving in such a short period of time, burst into tears. She is in the process of getting housing stabilized but voiced that once she does, she is VERY interested in taking a class at Clay By The Bay or even volunteering so that she can give back to a community that supported her with no questions asked. 

April / May 2022

The 40+ is a nonprofit organization for WOMEN age 40 and above who wanted an exciting, affordable way to tone and burn calories while interacting with other women, reliving positive childhood memories, and creating new ones!

 Through word of mouth and social media, a nationwide Double Dutch movement is emerging and women in their forties, fifties, sixties, and even seventies of all shapes and sizes- some of who haven't engaged in any form of organized physical activity since high school, are experiencing the timeless joy of friendship, fitness, and fun through Double Dutch!


 The local SF Sub Club, led by Cynthia Wheeler,  approach Clay By The Bay to support women in our community getting support to stay active & fit, and we jumped (literally) at the opportunity. During April & May 2022, we have sponsored a local Jump event, and will be hosting one in June or July at our studio!  Keep a look out for the upcoming dates & announcements, plus the fun pictures we're sure to take.